2014 Scratch Competition

Scratch is a fun environment for creating stories, games, and animations.

In this competition, you are invited to team up with your friends and create something in Scratch.

We'll take a look at what you've built, and select the best entries. You could even win scholarships to our Summer Workshops!

How Do I Participate?

  1. Form a team. You can have up to 5 members on a team.
  2. Make sure your parents or caregivers give you the "Okay" to participate.
  3. Register your team and each team member, using the two registration forms (on this page, near the cat...)
  4. On the Scratch Web site, join Scratch, and use the Web site to make your best Scratch creation.
  5. To share your creation with us, follow these instructions.

Learning Scratch

The Scratch web site is a great place to learn and experiment!

You can watch video tutorials at learnscratch.org

Check out these Scratch Cards for step-by-step examples.

If you need advice along the way, check out the Scratch Community where you can ask for help, show off your creations, or report bugs.